How much does it cost to build a mobile app in the Netherlands?

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Publish Date: Feb 25, 2023
By: Vihang
Updated Date: Feb 25, 2023


Whether you are a startup or already a well-established company, Mobile app development has become an essential part of the growth of any kind of business.

Businesses typically outsource a portion of their app development to other organisations to save expenses. All of them are interested in app development prices. However, when it comes to displaying the cost to develop Mobile App in Netherlands, things are not as simple as they appear.

Despite their claims of transparency and customer service, their price list is rarely found on their website. We decided to undertake an unbiased and honest study on the typical cost of app development in Europe offered by an Android app development company in Netherlands or an iOS app development company in Netherlands.

But first, we have to consider the factors that affect the cost to develop Mobile App in Netherlands.

Major Factors that affect the cost of development process:

The following are some of the primary elements that influence the cost of a custom mobile app:

  • Partner in application development (freelancer or development company)
  • The development partner’s location
  • Characteristics and complexity
  • Platform (Android or iOS) (Android or iOS)
  • Design difficulty

Amongst them all, the location of an app development agency is critical in determining the overall cost of development. The costs of mobile app development vary substantially between different locations.

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Stages of Mobile App Development Costs:

We’ve compiled a fast round-up of insights on mobile app development costs in Europe for various phases. Have a look:

  1. Research & Discovery

When it comes to the very early stages of mobile app development, 51% of apps cost $5,000 or more for discovery and pre-research duties. On the other side, a native app development company in Netherlands and a hybrid app development company in Netherlands are reported spending $5k to $10k on the same.

  1. Design

The design stage is estimated to cost $5,000, maximum covering this section for less than $50,000.

  1. Development

The most important issue to consider during the mobile app development process is development. It varies from $5,000 to $30k or more at this critical stage of the process. A cross-platform app development company in Netherlands typically spends $20k for this important part.

  1. Testing and Implementation

This part stays under $5,000 for testing and deployment of mobile application development, maximum between $5k and $10k.

  1. Support and upkeep

This may vary from $5,000 to $25k on this job.

How Much Does it Cost to Create Mobile App in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has the highest rate of response. 40% of businesses were unafraid to display their hourly rates, which ranged from $100 to $115. One of the companies advised us that developing the app would cost us an additional $60,000. In Europe, you can expect to pay an average of $60 to hire a freelance developer.

Final words:

You can make your amazing app ideas a reality.

Creating a mobile app is an expensive process. You should also be aware that developing a good mobile application necessitates specialised knowledge and experience. If you are serious about growing your business with a mobile app, you will need an experienced technology partner to turn your ideas into digital reality.


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